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Georgia Democratic Candidates 2022
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Georgia Voters:
Democratic Candidates on Your November 8th Ballot

Federal or State
Legislative Offices
Democratic Candidate
United States Senator Raphael Warnock (incumbent)
United States Representative,
Your Congressional District
U.S Representative Candidates
by District**
State Senator,
Your GA Senate District
State Senator Candidates
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State Representative,
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State Representative Candidates
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State Executive Offices
Governor Stacey Abrams
Lieutenant Governor Charlie Bailey
Secretary of State Bee Nguyen
Attorney General Jennifer "Jen" Jordan
Commissioner of Agriculture Nakita Hemingway
Commissioner of Insurance Janice Laws Robinson
State School Superintendent Alisha Thomas Searcy
Commissioner of Labor William "Will" Boddie, Jr.
* Public Service Commission, District 3 Shelia Edwards
* Public Service Commission, District 2 Patty Durand

* Elections for the Public Service Commission will not be on the November 2022 ballot. Currently, PSC candidates must live in one of the five (5) PSC district in which they're running, but they are voted on state-wide. There is a lawsuit challenging this, arguing that PSC candidates should only be voted on by voters within the candidate's PSC district.
     In addition, Republicans in the General Assembly gerrymandered Democrat Patty Durand's county of residence into another PSC district (which is not up for election this year) in an attempt to exclude her from the 2022 ballot. That also is being challenged.
     This information will be updated as the court challenges proceed. See a reference to a news article on the challenges on Patty Durand's website.
** To see your voter registration information, including districts, go here. When your information is displayed, click on "View/Print Precinct Card" to see your district numbers.