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Media Articles 2024

Media Articles 2024

The intent with this page is to collect ideas (from a variety of writers and periodicals) on a progressive movement. (Where other writers and periodicals concentrate on individual issues, links to those sources—but not articles—may be provided.) Books (other than reviews) and other one-off documents are listed on the Resources page.

Many of these articles will contain links to previous, sometimes more elaborate discussions of the topics that may provide greater understanding.

The most recent articles are at the top. When an older article is added, it will be in reverse chronological order (lower down on this page) but temporarily marked "NEW!" so that you can spot it. In case an article might be removed from the original source, an "archived" copy may be saved on this website, with a link from this page.

[Below] ABOUT RACE: "Chapin, S.C. — Mary Wood walked between the desks in her AP English Language and Composition classroom, handing out copies of the book she was already punished once for teaching.      "Twenty-six students, all but two of them White, looked down at Ta-Nehisi Coates's 'Between the World and Me,' a memoir that dissects what it means to be Black in America—and which drew calls for Wood's firing when she tried to teach it last year in her mostly White, conservative town...."

"Students reported her for a lesson on race. Then she taught it again." By Hannah Natanson, Washington Post, February 1, 2024


"Trump's Holiness Rises as His Corruption is Revealed, in the Best Authoritarian Tradition." By Ruth Ben-Ghiat,, January 17, 2024

[Below] TRUMP 2025; PROJECT 2025

"Republicans actually published a blueprint for dismantling our democracy. It's called Project 2025." By Daily Kos, January 12, 2024

[Below] SUPREME COURT; 14TH AMENDMENT: "The Trap the Commentariat Sets for the Court."

"The Pitchfork Ruling." By Timothy Snyder,, January 1, 2024


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