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April 11, 2024 Media Articles: RURAL AREAS: An Honest Assessment of Rural White Resentment Is Long Overdue
April 2, 2024 Media Articles: ECONOMIC SECURITY: Here's why Americans under 40 are so disillusioned with capitalism
March 26, 2024
March 24, 2024
March 17, 2024
March 16, 2024
March 5, 2024 Media Articles: ISRAEL, PALESTINE: Has Zionism Lost the Argument?
February 11, 2024 Resources—Organizations: RURAL AREAS: Rural Health Information Hub (for Georgia)
February 4, 2024
January 14, 2024 Media Articles: TRUMP 2025; PROJECT 2025: Republicans actually published a blueprint for dismantling our democracy. It's called Project 2025
January 11, 2024 Georgia Rural Counties Project: BOOK REVIEW; RURAL AREAS: TDS Strategy Memo: The recently published book, Rust Belt Union Blues, by Lainey Newman and Theda Skocpol represents a profoundly important contribution to the debate over Democratic Strategy. It challenges the dominant theory for why Democrats have suffered a major decline in working class support and how they can attempt to regain it
January 6, 2024 Media Articles: TRUMP 2025; PROJECT 2025: Conservative groups draw up plan to dismantle the US government and replace it with Trump's vision
January 5, 2024 Media Articles: SUPREME COURT; 14TH AMENDMENT: The Pitchfork Ruling
January 3, 2024 Georgia Rural Counties Project: BOOK REVIEW; RURAL AREAS: Review: Who Is the Rural Voter? Book Builds on Old Themes to Create New Understanding
December 27, 2023 Media Articles: FASCISM: Will Trump's Violent Movement Conquer America?
December 24, 2023 Media Articles: RELIGION; PUBLIC SCHOOLS; SUPREME COURT: Angry About Your Kid’s After-School Satan Club? Blame Clarence Thomas
December 1, 2023 Media Articles: GEORGIA; GERRYMANDERING; REDISTRICTING: Republicans again target Democrat Lucy McBath in Georgia congressional map that keeps 9-5 GOP edge
October 7, 2023
October 6, 2023 Media Articles: SUPREME COURT: How SCOTUS corruption could end Social Security — and America
October 6, 2023 Media Articles: SUPREME COURT: How SCOTUS corruption could end Social Security — and America
September 14, 2023 Rural Counties Project: RURAL AREAS: A Rural New Deal September 2023 (A joint publication of Rural Urban Bridge Initiative and Progressive Democrats of America)
September 11, 2023 Media Articles: POLLING: I don’t write about polls. You shouldn’t bother with them, either (Jennifer Rubin)
September 3, 2023 Media Articles: SOCIAL SECURITY: A 40 year campaign to destroy Social Security
September 1, 2023 Media Articles: PSYCHOLOGY: Poll gives shocking new data about the cult of Trump
August 27, 2023
August 13, 2023 Media Articles: SUPREME COURT: The Supreme Court's 'Major Questions Doctrine' Is a Threat to Democracy
July 30, 2023 Resources—Organizations: RURAL AREAS: The Urban-Rural Divide: A Guidebook to Understanding the Problem and Forging Solutions
July 26, 2023
July 23, 2023 Media Articles: SOCIAL MEDIA; PSYCHOLOGY: Why the Past 10 Years of American Life Have Been Uniquely Stupid
July 15, 2023 New Page. Georgia Rural Counties Project. New page focusing on rural counties in Georgia and the U.S.
July 10, 2023 Media Articles: GEORGIA; ANTISEMITISM: On the definition of antisemitism; whether the IHRA definition (proposed to be adopted by the state of Georgia) equates criticism of the Israeli government's treatment of Palestinians with "antisemitism."
June 28, 2023
May 28, 2023 Media Articles: GEORGIA; RURAL AREAS: "Rural Georgia in Focus" (University of Georgia, Carl Vinson Institute of Government, September 21, 2021)
May 21, 2023 Additional resources for rural areas:
May 19, 2023
April 28, 2023
April 7, 2023 Media Articles: RURAL AREAS: "Is Rural America Struggling? It Depends on How You Define ‘Rural’"
April 4, 2023
March 31, 2023 Media Articles: ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI); SOCIAL MEDIA; PROPAGANDA: "How a tiny company with few rules is making fake images go mainstream"
March 30, 2023
March 24, 2023 Resources—Organizations: RURAL AREAS: Rural Urban Bridge Initiative (website)
  • YouTube channel (videos)
March 20, 2023 Media Articles: VOTER SUPPRESSION: "It’s No Coincidence That the Midterms Turned the Blackest Parts of America Red"
March 17, 2023
March 16, 2023
March 13, 2023 Media Articles: DEMOCRACY: "Why Republicans are pushing one of their most toxic and corrosive memes" ("Republic, not a democracy")
March 4, 2023
March 2, 2023
February 17, 2023
February 12, 2023 Media Articles: RELIGION IN POLITICS; CHRISTIAN NATIONALISM: "The Rise of Spirit Warriors on the Christian Right"
February 5, 2023
February 1, 2023
January 27, 2023
January 19, 2023
January 16, 2023 Media Articles: "Corporations Are Pushing The Supreme Court To Crush Unions"
January 15, 2023 Media Articles: "A Practical Guide to Defeating MAGA" (from Indivisible)
January 11, 2023 Media Articles: "Can Democrats Succeed in Rural America?" (Report from Rural Urban Bridge Initiative)
December 18, 2022
December 9, 2022 Media Articles: "How Right-Wing Candidates of Color Delivered the House to Republicans"
December 7, 2022
October 11, 2022 Media Articles: BILLIONAIRES: "The truth behind 'self-made' billionaires"
October 10, 2022 Media Articles: MEDICARE ADVANTAGE: "'Straight up fraud': Data confirms private insurers are stealing billions."
October 9, 2022 Media Articles: CRIME: "Conservatives are lying about crime"
October 7, 2022 Media Articles: REPUBLICANS: "Everything else is just a show: The only two things the GOP fights for"
October 6, 2022 Media Articles: PRICE OF OIL: "US Should Respond to OPEC by Reinstating Oil Export Ban, Says Green Group"
October 3, 2022 Media Articles: MESSAGING; POLLING: "Will Democratic Leaders Get Their Message Right?"
September 21, 2022 Media Articles: RURAL AREAS; EDUCATION: "It Isn't Populist to Defund Rural Schools"
September 19, 2022
September 16, 2022
September 15, 2022 Media Articles: MESSAGING: "How Memes Led to an Insurrection"
September 12, 2022
September 6, 2022 Resources—Organizations: Center for Common Ground
September 2, 2022
August 31, 2022 Media Articles: LABOR: "President Biden's first 18 months: Assessing the Biden administration's record for workers"
August 29, 2022
August 20, 2022 Media Articles: POLITICAL/ECONOMIC HISTORY: "The Future of History." (Francis Fukuyama, 2012)
August 17, 2022 Media Articles: "Beyond the right-wing panic: Why 'critical race theory' actually matters."
August 14, 2022 Media Articles: FAMILIES: "Raising Young Kids in America Has Become Hell, and the Government Should Finally Acknowledge That"
August 11, 2022 Media Articles: EQUAL RIGHTS AMENDMENT: "National Organization for Women Equal Rights Amendment Resolution"
August 4, 2022 Media Articles: WHITE NATIONALISM: "Fueled by virtually unrestricted social media access, white nationalism is on the rise and attracting violent young white men"
August 2, 2022 Media Articles: MESSAGING: "Democrats can win the 2022 midterms by asking Republicans to answer two questions"
August 1, 2022
July 31, 2022
July 22, 2022
July 9, 2022
July 7, 2022 Media Articles: ABORTION; HISTORY; SUPREME COURT: "Abortion decision cherry-picks history – when the US Constitution was ratified, women had much more autonomy over abortion decisions than during 19th century"
July 5, 2022 Media Articles: "Revenge of the Patriarchs: Why Autocrats Fear Women"
July 3, 2022
July 1, 2022 Media Articles: "Opinion: Heed Georgia Constitution on abortion"
June 27, 2022 Media Articles: SUPREME COURT: "The Supreme Court's Selective Memory"
June 24, 2022
June 23, 2022
June 20, 2022
June 17, 2022
June 4, 2022 Media Articles: POLLING: "Black voters' support for Biden has cooled, poll finds"
May 29, 2022 Media Articles: GUNS: "AR-15s Were Made to Explode Human Bodies. In Uvalde, the Bodies Belonged to Children"
May 26, 2022
May 24, 2022
May 9, 2022
May 6, 2022
April 17, 2022 Media Articles: ELECTORAL COUNT ACT OF 1887: "Lawmakers worry 2020 will provide a blueprint for stealing a future election"
April 15, 2022 Resources—Documents: Moral Foundations Theory
April 11, 2022 Media Articles: TRUST; SOCIAL MEDIA (DAMAGE): "Why the Past 10 Years of American Life Have Been Uniquely Stupid"
March 20, 2022 Media Articles: "Yes, voters 'deserve to know' this GOP plan would raise taxes by $1 trillion" (Sen. Rick Scott's 11-Point Plan that he was not supposed to "say out loud")
March 18, 2022
March 14, 2022
March 13, 2022
March 12, 2022 Media Articles: POLLING: "The polarization in today's Congress has roots that go back decades"
March 7, 2022
March 6, 2022 Media Articles: FASCIST NETWORK?: "Rep. Paul Gosar's lengthy ties to White nationalists, pro-Nazi blogger and far-right fringe received little pushback for years"
March 5, 2022 Media Articles: "Stacey Abrams and Lauren Groh-Wargo: How to Turn Your Red State Blue"
February 28, 2022
February 26, 2022
February 14, 2022 Media Articles: SOCIAL MOVEMENTS: "Radical Ideas Need Quiet Spaces"
February 8, 2022 Media Articles: SUPREME COURT; RELIGION; CHURCH-STATE: "Amy Coney Barrett's Long Game"
January 30, 2022 Resources—Organizations: Indivisible Georgia Coalition (overcoming misinformation)
January 23, 2022
January 18, 2022 Media Articles: EDUCATION; SCHOOL BOARDS: "More than masks and critical race theory – 3 tasks you should be prepared to do before you run for school board"
January 16, 2022
January 8, 2022 Books-Magazines: "Strongmen review: a chilling history for one nation no longer under Trump"
January 7, 2022 Media Articles: LABOR; WAGES; WORKING CONDITIONS: "Where have all the truck drivers gone?"
December 25, 2021 Books-Magazines: "The Incoherence of American History" (Review of three books on early American history from Alan Taylor: the colonial period; the American Revolution; and the post-Revolution period to 1850)
December 24, 2021
December 23, 2021 Media Articles: "This 232-year-old power has never been used by Congress — but it could save the republic" (Article IV, Section 4 of the Constitution)
December 20, 2021 Resources—Organizations: Rural Areas (various organizations)
December 18, 2021 Books-Magazines: Video: "Reflections on Critical Race Theory" event (Discussion of To Drink From the Well: The Struggle for Racial Equality at the Nation's Oldest Public University)
December 17, 2021 Media Articles: "2020: The Georgia Latino Electorate Grows in Power"
December 13, 2021
December 11, 2021 Books-Magazines: "Stealing Georgia: Trump Gets Desperate, Kanye’s Publicist Shows Up on Ruby Freeman’s Doorstep, and… 28,000 Missing Votes?"
December 8, 2021
December 7, 2021
December 6, 2021 Media Articles: "The New Right’s Strange and Dangerous Cult of Toughness"
December 5, 2021 Media Articles: SUPREME COURT: "The Rule of Six: A newly radicalized Supreme Court is poised to reshape the nations"
December 4, 2021 Media Articles: SUPREME COURT: "The Supreme Court threatens to undermine the core of protection for American civil liberties"
November 21, 2021 Media Articles: MESSAGING: "Messaging Economic Progress to an Angry Public"
November 20, 2021
November 18, 2021 Media Articles: "The suburbs are poorer and more diverse than we realize"
November 11, 2021 Media Articles: MESSAGING; POLLING: "Beyond Red vs. Blue: The Political Typology"
November 5, 2021
November 3, 2021
October 19, 2021
October 18, 2021
October 16, 2021 Media Articles: SUPREME COURT: "By Attacking Me, Justice Alito Proved My Point"
October 12, 2021
October 11, 2021 Media Articles: "A Proclamation on Indigenous Peoples' Day, 2021"
October 9, 2021
October 7, 2021
October 5, 2021 Visual Media: DEMOCRACY: "Russia's Eroded Democracy Seen As Cautionary Tale For U.S. After Trump"
October 4, 2021 Resources—Progressive Legislation: S. 2747 - Freedom to Vote Act
October 2, 2021
September 26, 2021 Media Articles: HEALTHCARE, RELIGION: "Vaccine mandates: How sincere is a 'sincerely held belief'?"
September 24, 2021 Media Articles: HEALTHCARE: "Herd Immunity: Covid Deaths Devouring the South Are No Accident"
September 23, 2021 Media Articles: LATINOS: "Democrats: Let's Face Reality—The Term 'People of Color' Doesn't Describe a Political Coalition That Actually Exists"
September 19, 2021 PROGRESSIVE DEFINITION: "Are there progressive institutions?; Congressional Progressive Caucus"
September 16, 2021 Media Articles: GLOBAL WARMING/CLIMATE CHANGE: "Youth Climate Anxiety Is Skyrocketing — and Government Inaction Is to Blame"
September 14, 2021 Media Articles: VOTING RIGHTS: "My Thoughts on Manchin's Compromise Bill"
September 12, 2021
September 6, 2021 ABORTION: Media Articles: "What the Justice Department Should Do to Stop the Texas Abortion Law"
September 2, 2021
August 30, 2021 Resources—Georgia News: NEW Section in Resources!
August 29, 2021
August 9, 2021 SUPREME COURT EXPANSION: Media Articles: "The day the Supreme Court showed its disturbing new face"
August 8, 2021

Media Articles: PSYCHOLOGY: "A social scientist's terrifying new theory: Fake news and conspiracy theories as an evolutionary strategy." (This is an interview with the author of a document posted earlier on this website.)

July 26, 2021 Media Articles: UNIONS: "Not sure if joining a union is right for you? Here are some things to consider"
July 21, 2021
July 14, 2021
Media Articles: PSYCHOLOGY: "The Evolutionary Psychology of Conflict and the Functions of Falsehood"
July 3, 2021 Books & Magazines—Books: "Saving Capitalism: For the Many, Not the Few"
June 26, 2021
June 22, 2021 Resources—Deadline for Democracy Event Toolkit (H.R. 1/S. 1) (Indivisible)
June 20, 2021
June 15, 2021
June 14, 2021 Media Articles: LANGUAGE, MESSAGING: "Here’s an Idea for Liberals: Propaganda"
June 6, 2021 Media Articles: "Statement of Concern: The Threats to American Democracy and the Need for National Voting and Election Administration Standards"
May 23, 2021 Media Articles: "The Cause of America’s Post-Truth Predicament"
May 21, 2021 Resources—Organizations: "Georgia Working Families Party"
May 16, 2021 Media Articles: "A timeline for the For the People Act"
May 13, 2021
April 29, 2021
April 21, 2021 Media Articles: "Can Biden Fix the Courts That Trump Broke?"
April 18, 2021
April 17, 2021
April 10, 2021
April 4, 2021
April 2, 2021 Resources—Organizations: "Southern Economic Advancement Project (SEAP)"
April 1, 2021
March 24, 2021 Media Articles: "The Most Important Thing Democrats Can Do With Their Power Is Protect the Vote"
March 23, 2021
March 20, 2021
March 11, 2021
March 4, 2021
March 3, 2021 Media Articles: "David Shor on Why Trump Was Good for the GOP and How Dems Can Win in 2022"
February 27, 2021
February 26, 2021 Media Articles: "The Supreme Court is about to hear two cases that could destroy what remains of the Voting Rights Act"
February 25, 2021 Media Articles: "How the Democratic Party Can Create a Majoritarian Coalition"
February 19, 2021
February 15, 2021
February 13, 2021
February 10, 2021
February 4, 2021 Glossary: "authoritarian"; "consensus"; "disinformation"; "misinform"
February 1, 2021
January 30, 2021 Media Articles: DISINFORMATION, MESSAGING — "Defanging Disinformation: 6 Action Steps Nonprofits Can Take"
January 29, 2021
January 28, 2021
January 24, 2021
January 22, 2021 Media Articles: "The Trump economy left Black Americans behind. Here’s how they want Biden to narrow the gaps"
January 21, 2021 Media Articles: RURAL AREAS: "5 ways Biden can help rural America thrive and bridge the rural-urban divide"
January 16, 2021
January 14, 2021
January 11, 2021 Books & Magazines: "Ex-Friends: Anne Applebaum and the crisis of centrist politics"
January 10, 2021 Media Articles: "Banning Trump isn't Enough" (SOCIAL MEDIA)
January 9, 2021
January 3, 2021 Media Articles: "Even If It's 'Bonkers,' Poll Finds Many Believe QAnon And Other Conspiracy Theories"
January 1, 2021 Media Articles: "The Democratic Brand in 2020 and Beyond"
December 26, 2020
December 21, 2020 Media Articles: "Centrist Dems Are Wrong About November’s Losses"
December 4, 2020
November 14, 2020
November 1, 2020 Resources—Historical Documents: Declaration of Independence; Constitution of the U.S.; Bill of Rights-Amendments 1-10; Constitution-Amendments 11-27
October 29, 2020 Glossary (added)
October 24, 2020 Books & Magazines: "The Oligarchs' Revenge: The Making of the Modern Right"
October 3, 2020

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